Saturday, January 25, 2014

All4Adventure - Australian TV Series

Do you have any favourite 4x4 TV show?  Australia certainly has a fair share of good broadcast quality 4x4 TV series - everything from documentary style reporting, adventure seeking & 4x4 racing!

Two shows I especially enjoy watching are the team from All4Adventure (Jason & Simon) and the TV series hosted and produced by Pat Callinan.  Both shows are very different. Jason & Simon (All4Adventure) seek out adventure and remote fishing locations whilst Pat Callinan hosts a show that is more sedate and filled with 4x4 tips, easy locations for average 4x4 adventurer, plus plenty of product advertising for certain brands (sponsors primarily).

Recently Jason & Simon managed to make headlines around the globe as they rolled a vehicle whilst attempting a recovery. Recap on the video which went viral here:

Part 2 was released last week... Jason explains what happened.  A very impressive 2nd recovery and certainly not one I would have thought off.

Long may funding be available for 4x4 adventurers to continue to share stories!

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