Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Infographic Planning by @T2T_Trace

How much planning do you do before your trans-continental overland trip?
T2T Africa Infographic
Do you spend hours researching countries, cultures, events before departing?

How do you document your pre-trip findings?  Traditional highlighter pen in a guide book or typing endless notes on your computer?
Or do you simply wait until in-country before quickly referring to the guide book for things to do?

Regardless of how you plan, here is a neat idea from Tracey, a team member, of the Tsitsikamma to Tataouine Expedition:

Tracy has researched the various countries that the team will be traveling through (departing August 2013) and have created a set of infographics for each country:

An example of the Tanzania infographic highlights the official language, time zone, plus a few other interesting stats like the top award winning Tanzanian beer.
Tanzania Infographic by T2T

Be sure to visit The T2TAfrica website for more country infographics:

Personally, I spend more time reading other trip websites compared to reading a guide book.  The age of the information is not that important as I enjoy researching historical events, saying that, some of the oldest overland websites are only 14 years old, so the information is still relatively 'fresh'.  I do like the infographic style that Tracy has created as it creates a quick glance information reminder, plus, its a unique concept on overland websites.

Looking for more planning ideas and tools?
Route Planning Tool
Budget Planner

I will leave you with this quote from Steve Dubbeldam interview on preparing for a trip:

Q.Any advice on how to properly prepare for a trip?
A.You always pack too many clothes, not enough water and rarely enough quality tools. Also over-preparing sometimes takes the adventure out of an adventure


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