Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Surfboards & Motorbikes

Fancy a trans-Africa trip on a motorbike?  Fancy taking your surfboard and strapping it to your bike as part of the adventure?

GaryUnguided recently posted on The Hubb asking for company for his adventure across Africa with his surfboard.  His posting reminded me of David Visagie's trip back in 2009 when a German, called Martin, headed South from Germany to Cape Town with his surfboard.

David Visagie was driving his modified Land Rover when he met Martin in Cameroon.  The mud was proving pretty difficult, as you can see from the various YouTube screen shots.  Watch the video for more footage.

Good luck to Gary (bugsonmyboard) with his upcoming adventure...
Bugs on my Board
Hopefully he won't be in a position like Martin was:

More surfing overland trips:
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