Thursday, June 14, 2012

Africa Overland in a Mercedes Benz 300D

Fab & Vivien
I have seen a few unusual vehicles used for a Trans-Africa trip... Using a Mercedes Benz 300D (W124), has to be one of them...

Fab, and his puppet Vivien, headed South from Europe via West and Central Africa in a Mercedes Benz 300D for a bet.  His website, A Crazy Bet Around the World, details his trip via a series of Webisodes published to YouTube.  He even managed to sell his car for more than he paid for it, and even had a bush mechanics perform a suspension lift to assist with the rough Cameroon and Gabon mud roads...

Here are a few photos from his various video clips:

I liked the following photo with its two quotes:

It just goes to show that you don't need to have the biggest and most modified 4x4 vehicle to enjoy Africa.  And as the photo above describes...
"A journey is best measured in Friends, rather than in miles" - Tim Cahill

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  1. Very well done. Keep sharing such excellent articles.4X4 Trailers

  2. Hi Martin,

    Unbelievable he managed to sold his car at the higher price then he purchased. It seems worst road to drive such a beautiful and expensive car. I never even dream to drive my car on this type of The Overland Track. It looks crazy to drive Mercedes on muddy way.



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