Saturday, October 22, 2011

Overland eBooks

I must admit that I have a passion for my Amazon Kindle - I read a book, and then very quickly skip onto the next.  This little ebook reader is fantastic and a must have for any overland trip as it can contain your whole library.    Owning one prompted me to investigate if any overland related ebooks were available:

Here's a list of the books I found (links to Amazon UK).  There are not as many as I had hoped, including no ebooks from author Chris Scott (Overland Handbook).  Most of the older titles are not available which I would have thought would have been easy to do.

What the hell are we doing here
Malachite: a Journey in Africa
Lonely Planet Africa
Jupiter's Travels
Lois on the Loose
Red Tape and White Knuckles: One Woman's Motorcycle Adventure Through Africa
Running With The Moon: A Boy's Own Adventure - Riding a Motorbike Through Africa
Tuk-Tuk to the Road: Two Girls, Three Wheels, 12,500 Miles

More Kindle Overland Books
Here is a link to additional Kindle Amazon UK books.
Amazon UK Bestsellers in Africa Travel (Kindle)
General Africa Travel

Updated: 26 January 2012
The world of overland digital ebooks is constantly growing which has resulted in this blog post being outdated in a very short period. Keep checking the digital ebook websites for the latest updates. One last thought: be sure to support our fellow overlanders through the purchase of their books...


  1. Hi Martin, thanks for the mention for OLH. As it happens soon after you wrote that I released my 'Desert Travels' memoirs as a Kindle, for the price of a coffee.

    At the moment Trailblazer (who publish most of my other books) are working on ebook editions - starting with Morocco to bridge the gap until the new paper edition later this year.

    Unillustrated novels and travelogues (such as DT) as easy to bang out as Kindles, but graphic-heavy handbooks like AMH or OLH are more work to produced well for tablets, etc.

    Interesting overland stats, too

    Chris S

  2. Hi Chris - thanks for the comments. I realized how quickly overland ebooks were gaining traction since I first started looking. Good to hear more of your books are going digital.


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