Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Book Review: Overlanders' Handbook by Chris Scott

"Be prepared", the motto of the worldwide Scout movement, is very appropriate to overland travel.
One of the tools available to 'being prepared' are books and especially the series of books written by the English author Chris Scott.  His latest book, Overlanders' Handbook, offers an excellent insight into the world of overland travel.

My copy of the book arrived on Saturday morning - no.34 signed by Chris Scott.  I must admit I was rather excited and scanned the huge volume reading paragraphs, drooling over photos and living the memories of the trip reports.

Would I recommend this book to those that have already completed a trip:  absolutely! The book covers every topic imaginable and will inspire you to pack your vehicle and head off in a new direction.
This is a must buy for those people thinking of an extended overland trip - it will help you to keep motivated during the long months of planning.

The Overlanders Handbook website lists the following subjects covered in the book.
• Planning, preparation and documentation
• Vehicle choice - from a regular 2WD car or van to an AWD truck
• Overlanding with children
• Outfitting a vehicle for long-term travel
• Guidelines on building your own motorhome-style cabin
• Life on the road: borders, wild camping, money changing, scams
• Off-road driving and recovery techniques
• Navigation using maps, GPS and common sense
• Short- and long-range communications
• Travellers health; a comprehensive resource on the road
• Travelling with dogs
• Vehicle troubleshooting and repairs
• The last word on intercontinental single-vehicle shipping
• One-page Overlanders' trip summaries
• Continental Route Outlines for Africa, Asia and Latin America
• Notes from the Road from people who've been there and done it

My overland trip was pre-family - I now have a child and a dog so was excited to when I noticed that travelling with dogs and children were included in the book.

Overlanders Handbook Website
Amazon UK - Overlanders' Handbook

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