Friday, August 27, 2010

Bhubesi Pride - TransAfrique 2011

Bhubesi Pride - TransAfrique 2011
A quick plug for Bhubesi Pride's upcoming Trans-Africa trip.

Richard and Co. are heading South from the UK with a Rugby Ball.  Following the East Africa route, the team, all certified Rugby Coaches, will meet with various rugby clubs and schools to share and encourage rugby as a sport.

This unique approach was once undertaken in the early 1990's by Charles Jacoby and written up in his book 'In Search of Will Carling'.  The author drove from the UK to the 1995 Rugby world cup via West Africa.  The book makes an interesting read for any overlanding rugby fan!

I have been following Richard's website for a few months and have noticed that Richard's enthusiasm for this expedition has made me think hard about my next adventure.  This is the type of expedition that will enthuse you!

You can follow the team via Twitter or Facebook.

Raising the profile of any overland trip is hard work. If you are interested in supporting a good cause, be sure to contact Richard and offer your assistance.  A few pennies and the odd Land Rover would be helpful :-)

Here are the links to Charles Jacoby's 'In Search of Will Carling' Book:

Amazon UK (priced from £0.01p)

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