Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Adventuress Wanted - Film Review

Ever thought of doing an Trans-Africa vehicle expedition?  If you have, be sure to watch this unique new film: Adventuress Wanted

Be warned: Africa is Tough!  This is not in the travel brochure!
It starts with an adventurous dream... a red beach buggy in Africa.
Add a travelling companion - not the simple way but through an advert in the local news paper: Adventuress Wanted - apply here!

What a mix you end up with: A beach buggy designed for one purpose - Sunday beach drives ; A New Yorker with an attitude of anything-is-possible ; And one Japanese dive instructor.  This unique trio makes a challenging adventure turn into a daily thriller.

Buggy problems, appendix issues, visa nightmares - just a few of the moments that during the film keep you guessing.  This is a unique roadtrip across Africa.  Forget the backup crew, the two support vehicles - this film is all about independent overland travel down the East coast of Africa.

Adventuress Wanted will motivate the traveller within, inspiring you to dream large and to see your dreams fulfilled.

Enjoy the preview and be sure to buy the DVD!

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