Friday, June 18, 2010

The HUBB Forum Review

In a recent post I reviewed the Southern Africa forum and the North American Expedition Portal.  In this post, I explore the huge UK based forum run by Grant Johnson (Horizons Unlimited) and more commonly known as The Hubb.

This forum is huge! At the time of writing this blog, it has over 25 000 registered members.

The forum is web based, however it does offer a RSS feed.  An example of a website using the feed is the Overland Live website.

The audience the forum appeals too are primarily adventure motorbike fans. The site is categorized into Planning, repairs, 4 wheels, events along with numerous other categories.  Each section is moderated which simply means that someone oversees the content and manages the level of flame wars.

The forum is busy, and the content generated is good. The forum members are encouraged to search the site prior to requesting information due to a lot of duplication occurring in the content. This assists in preventing general questions being asked by new members.

A clear benefit of this forum is the fact that you can read a category relevant to your topic.  Registration is required to post however reading entries are open.  This forum is well known especially amongst the adventure motorcycling clans.  Well worth registering as a member and contributing with relevant content.

Forum Overview
Advertising: Low
Spam level: Low
Forum activity: high
Forum Content: Good (UK focus)
Off Topic Content:  Encouraged in the HU Bar section
Language: Primarily English with a slight mix of european languages.
RSS Feed: Yes.

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