Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Expedition Portal Forum Review

Having reviewed a Southern hemisphere Forum ( and a UK based Forum, The Hubb. I thought it best to provide an overview of the Expedition Portal website.

This is another huge forum and encourages registrations to submit posts.  At the time of writing this blog, the registered users had exceeded the 15,000 mark.  Very impressive.

Similiar to The Hubb, this forum is purely web based and is categorised according to various topics.  The forum is based in North America, hence the flavour of the site is distinctively American. This is noted in the type of vehicle and equipment discussions that occur.  Don't let this fact put you off... North America is a growing overland community hungry on sharing and receiving information.

In summary, this North American forum offers interesting insights into a growing overland community and offers alternative insights into vehicle preparation, equipment and general overland travel.  It is worth registering and monitoring the category that you are interested in.

Forum Overview
Advertising: Yes
Spam level: Low
Forum activity: high
Forum Content: Good (excellent for Northern America)
Off Topic Content:
Language: Primarily English
RSS Feed: Yes
Twitter: No

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