Thursday, January 14, 2010

Accidents & Bush Mechanics

Accidents happen.  Unfortunately, that is.  Adding people into expedition prepared vehicles and vehicles onto roads can lead to accidents occurring.  When they do occur, injuries and damages to the vehicle often cause major stress, or in the worst scenario, an urgent rush to the nearest hospital.

I don't want to write about accidents that involve people and the difficulties that arise from this.  In this blog, I want to share a few vehicle related stories and the lessons learnt from those experiences.

My old Land Rover Defender (currently on her 6th trip) was recently involved in an accident whilst in Guinea. Noel, the current owner, was heading down a deserted road then the vehicle seemed to hit a major hole and ended up in a ditch.  See Noel's website for more of the story: Nomad Adventure

Bush Mechanics to the rescue.

That's the beauty of Africa.  With very little equipment, the local mechanic has the ability to fix anything and everything.

If, on your next adventure, you feel that you are slightly underprepared for the mechnical challenge - fear not, a mechanic is ready and waiting in the next village.

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