2017: Adventure Motorcycling

The 2017 plan... Adventure Motorcycling!

First up, the Nevada Backcountry Discovery Route

The Backcountry Discovery Routes aim is to establish off-highway routes for adventure motorcycle travel. I.e think of those big adventure touring bikes following cross country trails. The big benefit of the BDR is that the team have scoped out some of the best adventure riding across seven states and have published maps and GPS tracks (which are downloadable) to enable adventure riders to explore off-highway routes.

What happens when you take a bunch of newbie adventure riders half way around the world to ride an established North American Backcountry Discovery Route?

May 2017:  The Nevada Backcountry Discovery Route
Location:  Las Vegas, Nevada

Day 1: Trails or Tracks
Day 2: Broken Pegs & The Happy Burro
Day 3: Canyons & Craters
Day 4: Valleys & Peaks

Total Riding distance: 959km

November 2017:  HU Travellers Meeting Australia Snowy Mountains
Location: Jindabyne, New South Wales, AU

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