Sunday, May 14, 2017

Trip Report: Valleys and Peaks - Day 4

Death Valley...
into the valley we rode, the morning crisp from the Nevada rain that cleared the dust and chilled the air.    The knobby KLR760 tyres hummed on the smooth sealed road which lead into the depths of Death Valley.

From below sea level we climbed to Dante's View, loving the ride to the summit.

Ears popped with the change in altitude as rode from below sea level to 1600m ASL.

Our destination after Dante's View as the HQ of Great Southern Moto Adventures.  Our four day journey was coming to an end.

But, first we had some more riding to do.  I love the fact that we can take these bikes on just about any trail.  A shortcut was advertised from Dante's View to Shoshone.

A section of the route was on the Old Spanish Tail - one of the most arduous historical trails dating back hundreds of years.  The notable feature was a long uphill section into an icy headwind.  Temperatures dropped to 3Deg C as we shivered our way to our destination.

And finally, after four days and 959km, we arrived back at GSMA.
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Trip Stats:
Ride distance: 329Km
Total trip time: 7hr 59min

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