Friday, May 1, 2015

TV Series: Breaking Loose - A family in Search of Roots

Five years ago, Luca and Sameena (plus two kids), departed Italy for Pakistan via North Africa.  The orange Fiat truck became their home for two years, during which they filmed the journey,  the highs and lows of trans-continental overland travel.

The TV Series has just been released with a wonderful introduction about the journey.  Unfortunately, the Vimeo clip can't be embedded so head over to GA&A:  Breaking Loose - A Family in Search of Roots

GA&A International: Breaking Loose
In 2012, whilst traveling through Pakistan, a section of road collapsed which caused the truck to roll over.  The accident was terrifying especially as the two children had been sitting in the front cabin of the truck at the time.  Read more: Accidental Damage

The original trailer, pre TV Series:

JUSALULU TEASER from jusalulu on Vimeo.
The confrontation of two worlds and two generations,in a tortuous two year journey across two continents.
50 years on, the reverse migration of a family from Italy to Pakistan in search of a clearer identity....
where the past in some way holds the key to the future and where we are continually confronted with the question 'have we perhaps lost something on the way forward? '
Filmed over a 2 year period ,on the road

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