Thursday, July 17, 2014

Africa Overland with a Jeep Wrangler (Lost in HDR)

The website of Kristina & Nerijus (Lost in HDR) might be the first Africa overland trip to use a Jeep Wrangler! Land Rover, Toyota, Quad bikes and even Rolls Royce have completed trans-Africa overland trips but todate, no one has used a Jeep Wrangler and blogged about the experience!

'Lost in HDR' Website
'Lost in HDR' is a vivid visual experience which stimulates, pulls you in and leaves you wanting more!

Photo: Lost in HDR - Morning in Cameroon
Each photo highlights a moment in time... the randomness of overland travel, especially when using hotels...
Photo: Lost in HDR
We wasn't hungry. I'm preparing food jus't be cause we had to drink Malarone everyday after food. Antimalaria drugs, with no side effects so far. 2 soups, 2 potatoes pure, beef jerky, soda and water. Still exited how we made it to drive from Nigeria to Cameroon across Gumti mountains in the rain, at night, off road, with no support team, 2 white people (1 girl…) ... we almost fell down to the cliff... This not a jail. This is hotel…, ok “hotel” somewhere on Cameroon border. No WC, no TV, no water, no electricity, no windows, no shower, no nothing… some rats and big bugs, and mosquitoes… but we don’t care… we was super tired… just have to get some food before Malerone… and listen jungles sounds… birds and bugs and animals… And i was thinking why people keep telling us that road will be much better on Cameroon side. Road was much worse. And next day we start to drive to Yaounde. This was the most beautiful road so far in Africa, like a gift for us…

Photo: Lost in HDR - Looking for the way. Nigeria - Cameroon border.

Photo: Lost in HDR - Simple Life. Cameroon

Lost license plate (again), heading to storm (again), no electricity, no gas stations, no smiles on people face... and no roads in Republic of Congo... driving 280 km in 12 hours...

Photo: Lost in HDR - Libreville, Gabon. Welcome.

Photo: Lost in HDR - Driving from Namibia to South Africa

Photo: Lost in HDR - Fog over South Africa

The following video highlights the roads travelled: Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congos, Angola, Namibia, and South Africa.

About the Jeep Wrangler:

I asked Nerijus Strumila about the Jeep... his response was the following:
We took Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2.8 CRD automatic transmission.
I just put on BF Goodrich tires - thats it, no more modification had been made.
Unlimited (means 4 doors) and you can make 200 cm bed in back of Jeep, so, no tents have been used.
I took additional 40l Diesel, and 27l water. But we did not used it, there was plenty of diesel to buy all over route (even in Mauritania, or Nigeria Boko Haram area).
We made 24000 km across Africa and did not have any problems, no punctures, no technical problems or border crossings. All people very kind and happy to see overlanders, no bribes (even in Nigeria or Congo DRC) no asking for gifts. We very surprised that it  feel very safe. Even more safe than in Lithuania.
Everybody was so exited about our car, they never saw Jeep’s… only some Japanese or UK cars…
I'm still working on pictures, everyday put some of them. As you may know, picture can say 1000 words, that's why I decide to make Photoblog instead of wordpress or something :).

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