Thursday, May 1, 2014

Box It: a recommendation for Wolf Boxes

Box it, pack it, store it - how do you pack your overland prepared vehicle to ensure the items are accessible, secure and dust/water proof.   Recently FunRover uploaded a video comparing the Wolf Box vs the Really Useful Box.  The video takes a light-hearted approach to the topic of expedition boxes, durability and capacity but gets the point across on purchasing the right storage solution for overland travel.

I have used Wolf Boxes for over a decade of independent travel, in various types of overland prepped vehicles, and find them very practical, with the right balance of internal storage capacity vs physical dimensions.  The option to use a high-lid or standard-lid enable right-sizing of the packing solution.  They do have limitations, as the FunRover video highlighted: dust and water ingress plus the lid retaining clips have a very bad habit of snapping!
Google Image Sarch: Wolf Box 

Land Rover Defender  200Tdi - Long Wheel Base

The Wolf boxes fit neatly, like lego blocks, in the rear of a Land Rover Defender.  During my 2005 Trans-Africa trip, I used six Wolf Boxes as seen in the early preparation photos. Four boxes where slotted on the right and two boxes on the left. 
Wolf Boxes stack in the rear of a Defender 200Tdi

Land Rover Discovery 300Tdi

The LR Discovery 300Tdi  is considerably shorter than the long wheel base Defender due to the rear seats and the limited storage capacity.  I could fit two high-lid Wolf Boxes in the rear or 2x low-lid and a single high-lid Wolf Box as seen in these photos.  

The combination below, 2x standard-lids and 1x high-lid proved to be the most useful combination in the Discovery, especially on long family trips.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 120-Series

My current vehicle, a Prado 120-Series has been kitted with a set of rear roller drawers from Outback Solutions, plus a 60L water tank.  As a result, the rear can only fit two Wolf Boxes, which is sufficient based on the internal storage capacity of the rear drawers.

Mounted on the roofrack

I have not mounted any of the Wolf Boxes on a roofrack, however, I did notice that a few websites sell a canvas cover for Wolf Boxes specifically to enable them to be stored externally on the vehicle.  Dust and water ingress would be my biggest concern.

One major complaint of the Wolf Boxes is the quality of the four retaining clips.  These have a habit of snapping under pressure especially as the clips can't be used as a hinge i.e. one side opened only will snap the opposite clips.  It is highly recommended that you purchase additional clips as spares.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the set of Wolf Boxes I own and would recommended that anyone requiring a packing solution that offers stackability, durability and the right fit, consider getting a set of Wolf Boxes.