Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Africa Overland: The Solo Scooterist (Michael Strauss)

Why take a heavy overland prepped motorcycle when you can complete a Trans-Africa overland adventure on a Vespa!  Introducing Michael Strauss and his Vespa named Victoria.
Michael Strauss - Solo Scooterist

Michael departed Johannesburg on the 1st May 2014 and is heading North.  His website is active with a good mix of content and photos.

His blog notes on Namibia highlighted the following:
  • There is a very good reason Namibian’ s don’t calculate distance in Kilometres but rather hours driven.
  • The only thing short in Namibia is the name.
  • On occasion a town is bigger on the map than in real life.
  • Being free takes adjusting .
  • Namibia should be on every persons to do list .
  • Do this route once it will leave you speechless.
  • No Vespa No life.
It is worth watching the video of Michael talking about his trip:

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Read more on the Wheel24 website:
Wheels24 - Solo Scooterist

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