Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Outback - Home Stretch - Day 8

Traffic all day long. The previous five days we had spotted probably 30 vehicles including those in towns and the parked at the various roadhouses.
As we descended on Sydney we merged with traffic and become just another city 4x4!

Whilst stopping for a quick coffee in Bourke, we spotted the Bermach truck of Atte and Marijke.  Unfortunately we did not get to say hello as they were departing town shortly after we arrived.
Atte & Marijke - Bermach Truck
Rural towns appreciate that cars get muddy!  The Prado certainly had excess mud which required two trips to the car wash specifically to clean the rims so as to prevent the mud unbalancing the tyres.

The sun had drifted over the horizon as we rolled into the Sydney suburbs.  Seven nights had passed since we departed and a massive 4600km have been driven.  The trip was way to quick and certainly did not do the Simpson Desert and surrounding areas any justice.  My time away from family and work was limited to a week and even though the trip was rushed, it fulfilled my desire to explore and has established outback memories which will last forever and will be used to enthuse family and friends.

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