Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Outback - Haddon Corner - Day 4

Corella birds provided the most natural alarm clock needed. The sun was peeking over the horizon as the gas cooker burst into flame and the kettle started heating the water.
Sunrise at the Burke & Wills Dig Tree

There are four people in our group, split evenly between the Land Cruiser Prado and the Land Cruiser 80-Series. Neil and I, driving the Prado, are using the nimble popup dome tents, which are perfect for good weather camping taking all of 30 seconds to open and peg down. 
Doug and Ruth are using a Howling Moon rooftop tent. It might takes longer to setup than the 3-second dome tents but provides a comfy setup for daily use.

Doug & Ruth - LC 80-Series Camp Setup

The route North from the Burke and Wills dig tree was on easy well maintained unsealed roads. The Stoney Desert lay to our West and provided beautiful red vista.

The second of the three Corners, Haddon Corner (SA/QLD Boundary), involved crossing two small dunes. The outside temperature, at 39Deg C, kept the moment brief and a decision was made to head to Birdsville, an additional 250km of easy unsealed road driving.
Haddon Corner

39Deg C lunch break
Destination Birdsville

The driving in the latter part of the day was very easy with minimum traffic on the road (one other vehicle in fact!). The Birdsville caravan park was our destination and the current managers (Kerry & his wife) greeted us enthusiastically which made us feel incredibly welcome. The next stop was the Birdsville Caravan Park followed by a brief walk to the Birdsville hotel...
Birdsville Hotel

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