Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Outback 2014 - Cameron Corner - Day 2

Never a dull moment in the Australian Outback...

Another early day start due to the previous diversion on day1.  Our destination for day 2 was the first of the three state boundaries, namely Cameron Corner.

The Darling River is Australia's 3rd longest river.  Our first crossing point was Willuna.  The only  activity on a Sunday morning in Willuna were three small boys riding their bicycles.  The one coffee shop only had an opening time after we had finished our breakfast.

The Land Cruiser 80-Series needed fuel, which gave us a moment to talk to the garage owner on the condition of the roads.  Road closures are strictly adhered and it was only later in the day did I fully understand how wet roads can very quickly damage the fragile unsealed tracks that link many of the towns.

Tibooburra, the last town before heading into the Sturt National Park has a neat NSW National Park and Wildlife information centre.  A pass is required for the NP and wilst purchasing the pass, it gave us an opportunity to read about the history of the area.  Tibooburra is nestled between huge granite rocks.

Tired, but excited that we were about to reach Cameron Corner, we crossed the Wild Dog fence into South Australia.  The Cameron Corner Store was a welcome distraction from the millions of flies that seem to be instantly attracted to any human.  It took less than 20seconds for the first fly to find your face after exiting a car!

ABC News channel did a recent interview with Cheryl and Fenn Miller, owners of the Cameron Corner Store.  The audio snippet is worth a listen: "It's not so lonely in the corner"

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