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Book Review: Safari Jema by Teresa O'Kane

Have you ever wondered what it's like to travel overland with an overland truck company?
Teresa O'Kane "Safari Jema'
Have you considered the pace of travel? The group dynamics?  If considering using an overland truck company to explore Africa, then you need to read Teresa O'Kane's book "Safari Jema".

The author provides a snap shot of her previous travels and what lead her and her husband to Morocco and onboard an overland truck heading for Cape Town.  People dynamics fill the first section of the book as the overland truck heads South to Ghana visiting various countries and landmarks along the way (like Timbuctu).
"The joyous moments in West Africa are unforgettable and the heartbreaking ones are impossible to forget"
The narrative flows easily and is filled with a good mix of people interaction, adventure and personal dialogue.

The authors husband once commented:
"Do you have to talk to absolutely everyone we encounter?"
"Yes! Isn't that the spice of life?"

Travel is about the people, places and adventures.  And it's good to read a book filled with people interaction rather than a journal of travel destinations.
"Arusha is a good place to take a break from travel.  At the same time, it's also a good place to plan onward travel."

Small World

In 2005, whilst traveling through West Africa, my wife and I arrived at Big Milly's Backyard campsite in Ghana. It's a well known campsite for overland travelers looking for a resting spot outside Accra.  Parked up at the campsite was a yellow overland truck. We befriended a couple from the truck and learnt the story of how the paid customers mutinied against the driver and left the truck to continue their travels independently.  

Nine years later, Terera O'Kane completed the story for me as she and her husband were both on the truck that was parked up at Big Millys Backyard!  There was a good chance we had met each other or at least walked past in the campsite!

Passion for Travel

I would encourage you to the read the book if you are interested in people dynamics on group travel, interaction with locals whilst traveling and ready for an adventure of your own.  Be sure to read the book and enjoy the Appendix section "How can I do this...".
I have left with a strong sense of how passionate Teresa is about travel.  I certainly felt involved in the narrative and was left with a 'good' feeling about Africa.
"As always, the best part of Africa for me is her children."
Teresa O'Kane

The travels continue... 

Scott and Teresa (Tris) are currently traveling independently around Africa in a Land Rover Series III.  You can follow their adventures via her blog, Travel Tales From Around the World.

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