Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The African Pothole by Kingsley Holgate

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“No adventure is complete without them” writes Kinglsey Holgate on his facebook page. He was writing in reference to 'The African Pothole'.

One extract that will inspire you to head over to his facebook page:
Sure! The French have their Eiffel Tower and champagne, the Dutch their tulips and cheese, the Irish their Guinness the Cubans their cigars, the Spanish their bull fighting and the British their tea. But, hey! We in Africa have the “Pothole” and no adventure is complete without the persistent hiss of escaping air from a slit tyre or worse still a burst tyre rifle shot-like explosion that if it happens in a war torn area has the passengers all ducking for bloody cover! – For us in Africa potholes are part of life.
Continue reading the fun article on his facebook page: Kingsley Holgate Foundation
Kingsley Holgate Foundation - Facebook page
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