Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bright Continent - Nigella

When offered the option of driving someone's prized overland prepared vehicle, do you gracefully accept or decline?
Photo by Bright Continent

Anton Crone, photographer and blogger from Bright Continent recently blogged about his experience with an eggshell blue Land Cruiser called Nigella...
“She’s yours,” he said, and after bashing my way out of the passenger door, I took the controls. She bucked, she bolted, she tried to throw me out, but the driver door was stuck too. She was no kinder to Paul who began looking for an ejector button. He was too kind to state the obvious: Nigella hated me. Her temperature was rising so I handed her back to the one man who knew her. But by then, like most men scorned, I had fallen for her. You see, it’s not just the rejection, it’s the places these wild girls take you.
Anton Crone had explained beautifully how owners and their classic 4x4's form a bond on how to treat it other.  The owner learns to be in sync with every rattle, clank and crunch whereas the new driver needs to learn from scratch and often never has the time to fully appreciate the pleasures of driving an old 4x4.

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