Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rooftop Tent - Very useful modification: A balcony

Roof top tents are practical - but they are also very impractical.
Roof Top Tent - Table
Where do you keep your shoes after climbing up the ladder?  What about that first morning brew? Who gets the job of exiting the tent and making a cuppa before climbing back inside?

Wes Craiglow, owner of Central Overland, recently blogged about a wooden shower mat that he had been given.  Thinking through the endless possibilities of the design, Wes started modifying the original shower mat - first he turned it into a table, but then started thinking how this modification could be used as a 'balcony' for his Eezi-Awn tent.  He blogged the following:
in addition to its use as a table, I have developed a way to attach the AJIK mat against the front edge of my Eezi-Awn roof top tent using some string for support and two 3/8″ steel rods secured by four similarly-sized pipe straps as braces.  It basically creates a “balcony” for dirty shoes and sandals just to the left side of our ladder.  (I can’t tell you how nice it is to not bring them into the tent anymore.)
 Read the full blog post: This Shower Mat is a Jack of All Trades

This simple and very practical roof top tent modification will benefit any traditional style rooftop tents but won't work with the 'Tourer' style tents.

Thanks to Wes Craiglow for the use of his photographs and for 'thinking outside of the box' and coming up with this unique idea.  Be sure to visit the Central Overland website.

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