Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mercedes G Entdecker Expedition Vehicle

Looking for an alternative overland expedition vehicle?  Fancy something like the Mercedes G-Class or G-Wagen?
How about a fully kitted vehicle prepared by a team in Germany and Austria?

Head over to Mercedes G Entdecker Expedition Vehicle website for some inspiration (Updated 2013).

As described on the website:
“ENTDECKER” is German for explorer and discoverer.  An appropriate name for a vehicle designed, accessorized and built in Germany/Austria and created by a team with over 30 years of  experience in G-wagen based overland adventure travel. 

The website has an excellent PDF which you can download or view online.   It is worth downloading as it has a few neat ideas on vehicle modification - see the shower utility & emergency jerry can hidden in spare wheel.
The following photos are from the PDF overview document:
Mercedes G Entdecker G-Wagen

The question still remains:  How many Mercedes G-Wagen's do you see on the road?  If you own one of these expedition prepared vehicles, you will certainly have your own fan club.

Here are a few more Mercedes Benz overland vehicles (click on photo for blog entry)

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