Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The day before...

Morgans Safari - Packing up
The day before you depart on your epic overland adventure: Excited? Anxious? Frustrated? Emotional?
Or, simply all of the above.

Over the last few weeks, I have been lucky to celebrate the departure of two trips from Sydney, heading to Africa...
First across the Sydney harbor bridge was Gareth and Kirsty from Aussie Overlanders and tomorrow it is the turn of Richard and Sophie from Morgan Safari.

I took the opportunity to pop down to the Mulgo Expedition vehicles workshop to catch up with Richard and Sophie.  A last minute glitch with the fresh water filtration system had Richard re-plumping a stronger pump into the rear of the Mitsubishi Pajero.

Mulgo Expedition Centre

If it's preparing for an overland adventure, or running a marathon, the day before the event is always an emotional day with questions around preparation, farewells to family and friends and last minute admin issues.  I must say that Richard and Sophie looked pretty chilled as Richard went about with his plumbing duties and Sophie contributing when needed (after all, plumbing is a boys job!).

The 1996 Mitsubishi Pajero V6 3.5L has been well prepared for the adventure ahead, including an extra large Echo rooftop tent, massive long range petrol tank and a neatly modified interior.  Here are a few mobile phone photos of the vehicle in the workshop:

 Richard has added a few extra gauges to assist with water temperature, and transmission temperature.

 It was also my first time to Daniel Fluckiger's workshop (Mulgo Expedition Vehicles & Equipment).  Daniel completed a trans-Africa trip in the early 2000's and has traveled around Australia in his neatly prepared Defender.  He has a wealth of knowledge and practical tips for preparing the interior of a vehicle, along with his spacious pop-top roof on a Defender or Land Cruiser Troopy.  Our conversations flowed freely as we discussed overland travel, connecting overlanders, and sharing the overland passion.

I liked the large posters he had in his workshop - all telling a customer story...
The photo of the poster below highlights Lisa & Olly's overland adventure
Lisa & Olly
The following poster highlights Aussie Overlanders with Gareth posing with the Troopy.  Just need Kirsty in the photo now,

Here's wishing Richard and Sophie an awesome adventure and if you live in Australia and are thinking of heading to the UK or Africa overland, be sure to pop down to the Expedition Centre and discuss your vehicle prep needs with Daniel.

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  1. Love this post Solmsy! It's so exciting to think there is an Africa Overland spirit brewing strongly in Sydney!! :-) Hopefully I will get in the photo soon!
    Cheers {K}


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