Tuesday, April 30, 2013

$99,000 Toyota Land Cruiser Ambulance

Got a spare AU$99,000?  If you do, Ebay Australia has a Toyota Land Cruiser Ambulance available...
Toyota Land Cruiser Ambulance

My search for an alternative vehicle for overland travel has lead me to Ebay searching for 2nd hand ambulances.  I am aware of the older Land Rover 101 Ambulances, the few Land Rover Defender ambulance models plus an old Range Rover.  But my knowledge of Toyota based Ambulances is rather limited...

Listed on Ebay Australia for a mere AU$99k, this 2008 vehicle has just about everything you would need to turn a Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Series Troop Carrier into a neat expedition vehicle

Fitted with the Toyota VD Engine (V8 4.5L diesel engine), this will cover any terrain that you might encounter.

The interior of this vehicle has been neatly modified and could easily be adapted for overland travel:
I like the addition of a 3rd seat - would be very useful for guests...
Side access to the rear is a neat idea.

The rear lacks space for an integrated kitchen, but that's a modification that could easily be made to the rear door as it allows for a fold up gas cooker.
The side cupboards might not offer enough storage capacity however I am sure it would encourage packing less.

The only inhibitor on this vehicle is the price tag.  This Ebay listed vehicle has only traveled 25,000km but at this price, you could purchase a neat 2nd hand Troop Carrier and modify the interior and still have cash available to spend on your travels.

A few modifications which I would consider doing...
I would engage Mulgo Expedition Centre to remove the roof and fit a pop top roof extension and tent.
Consideration would be needed around a fridge and kitchen setup.  I would add a side awning along with an external gas bottle mount.  That's about it on this vehicle...

Final comments: Photos have been pinched from Ebay Australia and don't represent a single vehicle but a mix of the current available Toyota Land Cruiser Troop Carrier Ambulances available. I choose the best pictures that clearly represented the interior. The seller is cousinsmotorco

What are you thoughts?

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