Monday, November 5, 2012

Unique vehicle: Mercedes Benz G-Wagen Camper

Wolfram & Iris
When last did you see a Mercedes Benz G-Wagen complete a trans-Africa trip?   It has certainly been years since someone drove South from Europe destined for Cape Town... until this year!

Wolfram & Iris kitted out their G-Wagen with a camper conversation.  A very neat German affair...

Their website, in German, describes the vehicle as follows:
The driving force comes from the car from the familiar 3.0 liter CDI engine class, with a capacity of 135 KW. A 5-speed automatic transmission directs the power through a propeller shaft to the transfer case. Both the transfer case and the rigid axles can be locked by pressing a button to 100%, if the terrain requires. The three differential locks are individually activated in logically predetermined order. The switching can be done while driving, so it is not necessary to stop.
Missing a wheel traction, the force is distributed to the wheels with the best grip. The Professional comes standard with anti-lock brakes (ABS), which turns off when the transfer case lock and electronic brake force distribution (EBD).
You can view the interior of the vehicle directly on their website via

A few additional photos from the website:

More G-Wagen overland trips...

Interested in more Mercedes Benz G-Wagen overland trips... watch this BBC video clip:
Gunther Holtorf
Here is a Mercedes Benz 300D which recently completed a trip:

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  1. Hi Martin

    This year we will start a Transafrica trip from Switzerland with a Mercedes 310 4x4 build in 1987. It has only 22'000km on the odometer.



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