Thursday, October 18, 2012

Quad Bikes Overland

There have been a few unusual overland vehicles over the decades of trans-Africa travel.  Added to that, not many have claimed Guinness World Records for the Longest Journey on Quad Bikes... until 2008 and 2011!

I have always thought that a quad bike would make a good choice for an overland adventure.  Slightly safer than a motorcycle (a very debatable point), and very unique looking, quad bikes certainly allow for easier travel.

Introducing two trans-Africa quad bike adventures that are worth reading.  Both trips have claimed Guinness World Records for the longest quad bike journey.

Quads Across Africa - Josh and Anna Hogan
Quads Across Africa

Expedition Quad Squad - Valerio, Jamie & Kristopher
The blog entries, written individually throughout the trip verberate with adventure, the passion for overland travel and the hardships that occur. A fatal accident and the turmoil of continued emotion run high in the final months of the adventure.  A worthwhile read...
Expedition Quad Squad

Interestingly I found out about Expedition Quad Squad via BlackWolf camping catalog.  The team had used 3 BlackWolf Mantis tents during the trip.  A poor quality photo of the two page advert:

Whilst reading Expedition Quad Squad blog, I was reminded again that accidents, caused by vehicles, contribute to the highest overland injuries and fatalities whilst traveling through Africa.  Take time to renew your first aid training, and be sure to carry medical kit with you... 
Read more: Expedition Medicine and Accidents Happen.

Quad Rides Africa - Jörg Schnorr
A quad bike adventure in 2009 - this time with a small trailer.

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Unusual Overland Vehicles

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