Monday, September 3, 2012

Africa Overland in a classic Porsche

Ever considered trans-continental overland travel with a Porsche?
Throughout the decades of overland travel there have been a many unusual overland vehicles which have completed full trans-Africa overland journeys... these unique vehicles include a tractor, Quad bikes, a Rolls Royce, a Smart car and now a classic Porsche.

Ben Coombs, driver and author of his book 'Survival of the Quickest' departed the UK in the autumn of 2008 heading South to Cape Town via the East coast of Africa.

The UK Telegraph magazine published a few photographs of this epic overland journey. The photos are available here: Across Africa in a classic Porsche.
These are a few my favourite photos:

I highly recommend reading his book and to get a feel for his journey watch the video from Northern Kenya:

The AfricanPorsche Expedition - Northern Kenya from Ben Coombs on Vimeo.

Interested in more Porsche content? Read all about Ben's trip via his website or his previous misadventures in a blog called 80breakdowns.
His Flickr stream via Flickr: fivetenben

His book 'Survival of the Quickest' is available on the Kindle via Amazon UK.

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