Thursday, August 16, 2012

eBook: Overlanding Central America & Mexico by LifeRemotely

Life Remotely website
Just a quick shout out to the team from for their free eBook  "OVERLANDING
Mexico & Central America".

The team have published an eBook specifically for overlanding Mexico and Central America with half of the book dedicated to planning and trip preparation and the 2nd half on country specific information.  There are enough nuggets of good advice for all overlanders to fill a Land Rover Defender roofrack! Topics include budgets, travel time, paperwork and staying connected (plus heaps others).

I will leave you to download and read the eBook (available as a PDF and Kindle version) yourself but will quote one essential piece of advice:

Stretch the Timeline
There is never enough time. Never. Even if you give yourself a year to travel,
you will want more. The key is to stretch your schedule as much as possible.
Add extra time that you can use up when you find a perfect place to hang out
for a week.
Consider that you may reach a point where you need to stay in one place for
a while. You can’t hold a steady pace forever. Eventually your car will break
down, you will get sick, have family visit, or just plain get tired of the road. You
don’t want to have to skip a country or go home early because you caught
Guatemalan bird flu or your car needs a new transmission.
 Source: - pg15

Enjoy the read and a big thanks to the team from for the hardwork in writing the book.

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