Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique

'A place where Noah left his ark' was our destination in November 2005.   Gorongosa National Park is located at the Southern end of the Great Rift Valley in Mozambique. I recently watched a film about the park which has prompted this post.

Entering the country from the North had been a relatively easy experience, and as the diary recalls, we were the only vehicle passing through the remote border.

The National Park was originally established as hunting reserve but after many years it's popularity turned to one of tourism.  Fauna and Flora were abundant in this secluded country until the difficult civil war broke out.  Thirteen years of war, often centered around the park, had a devastating effect on the wildlife.  In 2005, evidence of the war was still visible in the old tourist camp however the staff were very motivated after receiving a financial grant to begin the rebuild process.

The film, produced for National Geographic, won a few awards in 2010.  Here are a few clips from YouTube:

Our adventures in Mozambique continued as we headed South on muddy roads... but more on that later.

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