Monday, March 19, 2012

A Guide to Land Rover Expeditions (1974)

"Exercise care in applying the accelerator pedal as sudden power surges may induce wheel spin"

A very useful tip from the 1974 "a guide to Land-Rover expeditions" in the section "Hints on cross-country driving".

The guide book was originally posted on Oval News and can be downloaded as a PDF from the following link: a guide to Land-Rover expedtions

A few good comments from the guide:
It is estimated that last year (1973) more journeys were made overseas by Land-Rovers than ever before. An even larger number of people will be globetrotting this year, some for the first time, others who are now experienced travellers.
One thing is certain. Provided you maintain and service your Land-Rover with care, and treat it with respect, you will reach your destination.
A convenient way of washing clothes whilst travelling is to put them in a waterproof, sealed container in the back of the vehicle with a suitable amount of water and washing powder. After 100 miles they should be clean! Water for rinsing must of course then be available.
Some expeditions have found a hand throttle useful, especially when covering long distances over bad country.  This is standard on diesel Land-Rovers.
Be sure to download a copy of the guide as it contains many useful tips which have been tried and tested over the generations.

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