Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Choosing an Overland Campervan by Stephen Stewart

Are you, like me, progressing from a rooftop tent to an overland campervan?  If so, be sure to read Stephen Stewart's 'Choosing an overland campervan' article. Stephen has provided enough detail and thought into the article to make it worth reading and reviewing:

An extract from the website:

Living in the vehicle, not beside it.
Overland vehicles can be divided into three groups depending on what is expected of the vehicle. At one extreme is "transport only". All the vehicle is expected to do is to get you, and your luggage, from A to B (for example travel by car from hostel to hostel). At the other extreme is the "live-in campervan" where the vehicle is expected to provide both transport and the comforts of a "home".
In between these is the "live-beside" vehicle. This is typically a 4x4 (SUV) vehicle (often a Toyota Landcruiser or Land-Rover Defender) with a tent, on the roof or on the ground.
This web page is only concerned with the "live-in" type of vehicle, which I shall refer to, from here on, as an "overland campervan".
(As an aside whilst it can be advantageous to travel in groups, this works best if all the vehicles in the group are of the same type (i.e. all "live-in" or all "live-beside")).
Source: Stephen Stewart

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