Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thirty Thousand - Film Review

Why do you travel overland?  Is it to claim a title of completing a continent overland?  Is it to explore cultures? Or simply to surf uncharted waters along the West coast of Africa?

This is exactly what three Australian surfers did in 2010.  Andrew, Richard and Tristan equipped a Toyota Land Cruiser troopy and headed South searching for those uncharted surfing waves along the West coast of Africa.   The emphasis of their trip was not the overland travel, rather the surf.

I managed to squeeze into a packed cinema to watch the premier of their film which has been launched on DVD as well.  The film is only 50min long but keeps you entertained as the crew head South highlighting a few surfing spots along the West coast.  Majority of the film is focused on the surf which will appeal to all surfers, however, it has just enough content of the African continent to keep you watching.

I have to add the following comment from someone seated behind me in the cinema after a sequence of wildlife footage.  "That can't be real" she said loud enough to her partner "they must have filmed that in a zoo".  Obviously not everyone knows that Africa has game parks and wild animals...

Enjoy the Trailer and be sure to buy the DVD to add to your overland movie collection:

Spotted in the Manly Daily newspaper...

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