Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rough Guide to Richard Trillo

Richard Trillo - Author
Taking a good travel guide book with you on your overland journey is mandatory. A good travel guide book can remind you that there are often remote locations that are easily accessible with your own vehicle and worth the visit.

I recently stumbled across the author of The Rough Guide to West Africa and The Rough Guide to Kenya on the internet.  Richard Trillo, author of the two books mentioned above and author of First-Time Africa keeps various blogs and his twitter account active with various updates to his books, and interesting commentary via twitter.

Richard Trillo's Amazon Bio:
I first went to Africa in 1977, with a vague idea that I could hitchhike all the way to Timbuktu from my family home in the New Forest. I left with a friend, with $100 each and a copy of the Michelin map. No guidebooks, no mobile phones, not much sense. We got to the fabled city, and home again, largely by good luck and the kindness of others, having learned what a visa is (a hard lesson when you're already half way across the Sahara and the embassy is in Algiers) and what malaria feels like. Back in the UK I went to university, got a degree in sociology, and later went to London University's School of Oriental & African Studies to do a Master's Degree in East African Ethnography and Linguistics.

His twitter feed:

Amazon UK Books (indlude Kindle)

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