Sunday, December 4, 2011

Back to Broke...

Oisin Hughes
Combining a travel blog, with good video is a tough job to do when travelling overland. Carrying the equipment on a BMW GS makes it even tougher.  For one Irish overlander, Oisin Hughes, his world trip offered a fantastic insight into motorcycle overland travel - his humour, his desire for remote locations and his personality made for a fab reading experience.  His video below sums up the experience.

I have also been impressed that Oisin Hughes has turned his blog (my first review) and trip into two books.  Both are available on Amazon (Kindle) and are worth the read.  If you have a Kindle, download a sample... it's inspiring and written well enough to encourage you to buy the books.

I will leave you to explore his blog with this photo and the adventures he got himself into... Click on the photo for the link to his website and the story why his helmet was floating away in the middle of Mongolia.
Oisin Hughes - Mongolia

Here are the links to the Amazon UK books:

Additional reading: 
That I may die roaming - Google books

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