Monday, November 21, 2011

Ural Sidecar Overland

I spotted two Urals Motocycles on the Hume Highway heading from Sydney to Canberra today... prompted me to dig through a few of the archives to find the past and current Trans-Africa trips with an Ural.

The Ural Sidecar is an icon of motorcycles, especially the sidecars.  Fully equipped, with a reverse gear and a spare wheel mounted on the sidecar, it looks the part of any overland adventure.

I first encountered an Ural when a Dutch couple, Mullie and Nobile headed North from South Africa.

They started their trip in 2000.  Reading their blog, I recall how often the Ural engine gave them problems - esp. with overheating in North Africa.  No matter what mechanical issues they had, the Ural attracted loads of attention from locals, armchair travelers and those, like me, that wish to own an Ural.

Mullie & Nobile 
In 2005 Hubert Kriegel headed overland on his 10year adventure to travel the globe.  His adventures in the Americas and Asia pushed Ural to new popularity.  His blog, the photos, and his route have been inspirational to many.  Hubert is currently in Africa heading South from North Africa.

Hubert Kriegel
I am often asked about vehicles and which option is best for a couple.  The traditional answer would be a 4x4 fully equipped with all the expedition kit available, however, the answer in the future must be an Ural.  It allows couples to travel together, in a vehicle that is very unique, plus it certainly prevents overloading!

Here are a few more unusual overland vehicles people have chosen: Unusual Overlanders