Saturday, October 23, 2010

Trip Report: Radio Baobab (Lubumbashi to Kinshasa, Congo)

Always choose the alternative route overland... that was my motto for my trans-Africa trip in 2005.  Easier said than done!  Well, here's a trip report from Radio Baobab who did just that...

I recently blogged about The Lost Routes in Africa - those routes that are slowly being forgotten and where once the the preferred route during an overland expedition.  It's very rare that current overlanders head near those routes... until recently that is!

Introducing Frederik & Josephine from Radio Baobab.  This couple completed the South to North-West crossing of the DRC.  They crossed the border in Congo and headed North-West from Lubumbashi to Kinshasa.

You can read all about this unique crossing on Expedition Portal or The Horizons Unlimited website.

Additional Reading: (A must read for any overlander heading to the Congo)

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  1. An extract from the Forum:
    For almost a month now we were in a serious fight with Congo. We were fighting against corruption. We were fighting against the roads. A constant battle. Congo was giving us a serious beating, but we stood strong and did not give in. Slowly but steadily we were winning this battle against the Congo.
    But while we were so busy battling the roads and the corruption, Congo sneaked in from behind. It had transformed us into loud and angry people. With no remorse, no compassion, and a total lack of rules.

    What happened to the unwritte rule of the road less travelled? The rule we nohour so much? All out of the door..

    Congo had beaten us a long time ago already. Just like it had beaten most of its own citizens.. And we didn't have a clue"


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