Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quick Introduction: Bruce, our new blog author @zimbo243

The Overland Live blog has been a good project to get involved in. My initial idea was to start blogging about all topics related to independent overland travel - this evolved into historical overland trips, alternative vehicles plus a good mix of random thoughts (See Contents). A year after starting the project I have voiced my thoughts on enough topics that it is time for some fresh content and thoughts.

Time to evolve a step further: Introducing Bruce Paice.
Bruce is a keen overlander with a passion for his motorbikes. His enthusiasm and knowledge on the topic is excellent, which, as a result for Overland Live Blog, he wants to jot down his thoughts.

Be sure to follow Bruce via www.twitter.com/zimbo243

Please feel free to contact myself or Bruce if you have any comments, thoughts or ideas.

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