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From the Archives - Overland Expeditions 1968

From the 1968 Overland Archives: The Pegasus Overland Expedition and the Grandmother's Expedition to Australia

Pegasus Overland Expedition
BBC reported:
"For five young men from Liverpool, 1968 was to be a year they would never forget as they travelled overland from the UK to New Zealand. John Proffit, John Doran, John Bate, Tom McCormack and Victor Parkinson set off to make the trip through 18 countries in a second hand Land Rover."

There is not much information on this trip (besides for the links below) so please get in touch if you know anything more.

Here are a few passages I could decipher from the article on the right (Source below)
Each man had only the £50 overseas allowance in his pocket but the Land Rover was weighed down with 400lb of food, which included 2000 tea bags...
We spent four months preparing the Land Rover but we forget about equipping it with heavy duty springs and four broke from the strain. We had to jack it up eventually with wood. 
We weren't the only ones to have trouble with our springs, added Mr Proffitt.  We met four grandmothers who were also travelling by Land Rover to deliver 600 Christmas puddings to a hospital in Australia. (Note: see below)
When we were in Singapore we were not surprised to read that these same grandmothers had cabled their husbands for extra money. They were, by the way, aged from 59 to 79.
Eighteen countries were visted in the course of the tour.
Three married in Austrial and two of the couples returned to England in the Land Rover.
Grandmothers Expedition to Australia

Grandmother's Expedition to Australia
As mentioned in the above press article, the Pegasus Overland Expedition team met a team of Grannies driving to Australia... The only information on this trip is from a 1968 British Pathe film clip.
The grannies are: Melanie Delmont, Mavis Britter, Lilian Humphreys, Helen Scott, Phyllis Howard and Ann Spink.

GRANNIES' SAFARI - British Pathe (Click for video)

Pegasus Overland Expedition
Grandmother's Expedition to Australia
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