Thursday, September 9, 2010

DRC: Parc de La N’Sele

I received this email from Breemeersch & thought it might be useful for overlanders needing a break after the hectic border crossing into Kinshasa.

République Démocratique du Congo (RDC) : Parc de La N’Sele

By coincidence we found this wonderful parc at the “embouchure” of the N’Sele river and the Congo stream at 45km East of Kinshasa.

The road from Kinshasa to N’Sele is a large highway. In the parc there is a small zoo where you can see monkeys, a crocodile and birds in cages. The Beach along the border of the wide Congo stream is splendid, overlanders are allowed to stay there overnight. There is restaurant on week-ends.
Entrance fee is CF 1000/person. The overnight stay costs US$ 10/person, a meal costs about US$ 6.
Nearby is a former residence of President Mobutu, huge building, now completely plundered. Next to the house is an abandoned recreation park with two empty swimming pools, which was open to the public during Mobutu’s reign.

Information: +243(0)818102476 & +243(0)896289525.
Coordinates: S 4° 14’35.9” E 15° 33’7.4”

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