Friday, September 25, 2009

The cost of overland trips...

Ollie & Jenny are currently enroute to Australia... They have recently published a spreadsheet on the cost of overland travel. I have questioned a few line items, namely, accommodation and shopping vs eating out.
I would have hoped the Asia route would be more suitable to camping rather than trying to find accommodation. Trans-Africa trips, in my opinion, are better suited for wildcamping and I do believe are cheaper to do. Fuel costs on a trans-Africa will be higher, but visas should be lower.

Enjoy the following open and honest blog report from Ollie and Jenny.

Updated - Ollie sent through this update based on my questions:
The accommodation is probably skewed a bit by a few very expensive hotels we have stayed at, as treats. But also we had a budget of £80 a day, which would last us 3 years on the road, and since we are nowhere near that, we have become less careful with where we stay. I think we bush camp about
1/4 of the time, but it is getting less and less in Pakistan, and will most likely be non existent in India.

I think that with a different attitude we would spend less on accommodation, but a camper van style would lead to easier camping, but not a lot. Home cooked meals come in under shopping, so eating out really is us out of Dino and eating at a restaurant of sorts. It's so cheap in Pakistan, we can stay in a decent hotel for £5 and have a eat as much as you want curry for 50p.


Blog 60 - Pakistani Smiles: "Before setting out for this trip, one of our biggest concerns was how much was it going to cost us on the road. We had a good idea how much we would spend in advance, and our final pre-trip expenses were just what we thought, but we had very little idea how much we would end up spending on the road. And although the web was full of almost all the other information we needed, we found very rare comments on the actual on the road expenses.

So to give people who follow in our footsteps a better idea than we had, we have tried to keep a very close eye on our budget and record the details in excel. This is published below, and I will update the spreadsheet periodically."

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