Thursday, June 12, 2014

1966 - Karachi to London by Kombi

Frank Arnold & Noel Cantrill
Overland travel in 1966 was very different to current 2014 journeys yet the essence of overland travel remains the same... to explore new countries.
Historical overland journeys often fade into the memories of the travelers and rarely get published.

One trip that has recently reappeared is the 1966 overland travels of Frank Arnold and Noel Cantrill.  The two overlanders traveled from Karachi to London and have recently published an eBook which is currently available via Apple iTunes (as an iBook).

I spotted the article in our local Australian newspaper and was intrigued by the write up and stories of the authors, Frank Arnold and Noel Cantrill.  The iBook highlights the overland journey from Karachi to London in a VW Kombi.  The iBook features photos and a selection of video clips.

Apple iBook: Highly Inflamably
Highly Inflamably

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Spotted: Land Rover Series III Ambulance

Ready for your next overland vehicle?  How about something totally different from the usual modern 4x4?

Spotted on eBay UK:  a neatly converted Land Rover Series III Ambulance fully kitted for overland travel.