Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Outback 2014 - Innimincka - Day 3

Sunrises don't get much better than in a desert and waking up in Cameron Corner was no exception.  Beautiful morning rays highlighted low hanging clouds.
Sunrise at Cameron Corner

Dog Proof Fence
Land Cruiser & Rooftop tent at Sunrise
Our destination for the day was Innamincka and Burke and Wills memorials.  Our intended route was the Bore Track but Chrissy  (Cameron Corner) mentioned that the Bore Track was closed due to abuse of previous users.  I think the first rule of overland travel should be amended from "Don't drive at night" to "Remember those who follow your tracks".

Innamincka is one of those iconic Australian village that everyone must see at some point.
The Hotel, Trading Post, parks office and community showers  circle a large parking gravel parking lot. The area is home to every 4wd enthusiast as different vehicles keep rolling in and out.   An old engine of a Beaufort aircraft lies next to the diesel fuel pump. Innimincka is best know for the location of the Burke and Wills Dig tree, where the fated expedition established a Depot Camp on Cooper Creek at Camp LXV, (their sixty-fifth camp since leaving Melbourne) Source:  Wikipedia

An ice cold South Australian Pint lager was on order as we marveled at the hotel bar and the fact we were here.  Moments like this make the journey real!
Innimincka Hotel
The area is steeped in early Australian explorer history with teh Burke and Wills expedition crossing the Cooper Creek.  A moment, Burkes grave and the dig tree are all in close proximity.  Each location has plenty of information boards detailing the expedition.

Our destination for the night was Burke and Wills dig tree on the Cooper Creek River.

Campsite on the Cooper Creek River

A few more random photos:

Oka Truck spotted at Innimincka

Modified Land Cruiser Ute with quad bike & rooftop tent

Innimincka Trading Post

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