Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The invite...

Who did you ask to join you on your overland adventure?  Or did you get asked to join as a co-driver, navigator, bottle washer or simply as a paying passenger?

Initially I had been planning to do the trip on my own but after a friend initiated a blind date with Debbie, my plans started changing.  I quite fancied asking her to join me and had often hinted that I had a dream to drive across Africa.

I opted to present her with an invitation highlighting a few key facts and instilling some enthusiasm for a year spent in an overland prepared vehicle.

The challenge of owning your dream is making sure you can share the excitement, the fun and allow someone else, whose ideas might differ from your own to participate fully.

As part of my invitation, I included a few stories:
A few thoughts that might scare her into believing that this was not going to be a five-star adventure:
Culture, Wildlife, Terrain - Africa has it all!

Looking back (9 years ago),  the invite brings back a flood of memories: the preparation, the resigning of jobs, packing up and driving off in an overland prepared Land Rover Defender - and that was just the start of a year long adventure.

If interested, you can download a copy of my invite from dropbox: The Invite

How did you invite your passenger?

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