Thursday, March 21, 2013

30-Second Kitchen by Piranha Offroad

Time for a cuppa?  The freedom of overland travel is the ability to stop anytime, anywhere.  Having the ability to make a quick cuppa tea or coffee makes the experience that much worthwhile whereas faffing about in the rear of your vehicle to find the dual fuel stove, kettle and cups can often lead to a rather frustrating experience.

Introducing a neat idea from Piranha Offroad in Australia.  I first saw this product advertised during a 4WD TV show and immediately liked the concept.  I will admit that I have not seen it, or had the ability to test the durability however the concept is unique and makes life on the road that much easier.  The concept is fairly clear:  a small kitchen and table mounted next to the fridge which can be setup in minutes allowing for easy access to the cooker, crockery and cutlery.

Piranha Offroad advert below:
Piranha Offroad - 30 Second Kitchen
The 4WD TV advert:

Link to website: Piranha Offroad

I think this type of kitchen will only work well with vehicles that either have a tailgate or a full rear door (like a Land Cruiser or LR Discovery).  My feeling is that a LR Defender and Jeep won't have sufficient space due to the size of the rear door i.e. access to the rear will be cramped with the fridge and table taking up more than half the available space.

In summary, I think its a unique idea and would consider adding a unit to the rear of my Discovery.  If you own a 30-second kitchen and have any feedback, please let me know.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Book Review: Wollongong to Woolwich by Will Wilkins & Kate Macdonell

Wollongong to Woolwich is the overland motorcycle adventure of Will and Kate.  Departing Australia and heading for the UK via Asia.

The book is an interesting read.  It's not melodramatic, self-confessing travel book, and not technical for the avid motorcyclists. This overland ebook is styled as a personal diary, often highlighting blog entries to enhance the mood of the moment.  The pace is quick, which often leaves you wanting to know more details.

You will enjoy this book if you are considering an overland trip using motorbikes as it highlights aspects of travel that make motorcycle travel interesting and challenging.  One simple example is the daily endeavour of finding accommodation whilst on a motorbike compared to simply pulling over in your overland camper.

Visit the website: Wollongong to Woolwich and follow via Twitter: and

A few interesting paragraphs from the book:
Re. the City of Kathmandu:
The whole city was fantastic. I won’t go into a long-winded description to rival a tourist guidebook, but I will use some key words to paint a picture: Noisy, Hectic, Crowded, Vibrant, Friendly, Safe, Polluted, Ancient, Crumbling and yet so ALIVE

Monday, March 18, 2013

Oisin Hughes - video updates

Oisin Hughes
A quick update on overlander Oisin Hughes - he completed two epic overland motorcycle rides across the Americas and Asia and has published two ebooks detailing his trip.  The reason for the mention is that he has been uploading new video content highlighting his adventures.

As I write this, his blogs and photographs are currently unavailable however the videos are enjoyable and give a real sense of the adventure and journey of overland travel.

The most recent videos from his 'Not Dead Yet' trip:

His two books are available from Amazon: