Saturday, July 14, 2012

Expedition Portal Video Contest

The Expedition Portal website has been hosting an overland video contest for amateur and professional film makers.  The entries were open to anyone who felt they had a good video story to tell... I thoroughly enjoyed most of the videos and loved the enthusiasm people have for the overland travel. 

Watch and vote via the Expedition Portal forum.  My two choices are listed below...

A few videos stood out for me and have eventually I voted for the following:

In the Amateur category, my vote was for Milena Issler (video 24): I love adventuring and overlanding because...

I love adventuring and overlanding because... from Milena Issler on Vimeo.

In the professional category, I enjoyed the video by Gavin Rawlings (video 8) on the Simpson Desert crossing:
Simpson Desert from Gavin Rawlings on Vimeo.

Majority of the videos I watched left me for a yearning to pack up the family, load my Land Rover Discovery and head out on roads and tracks that I have never been on... a good result!

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