Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rooftop Tent accidents...

The rooftop tent has many benefits for overland travel and one major detractor: The Ladder.
The Overland ZA forum has an interesting topic on accidents relating to rooftop tents... All the accidents on the topic related to the ladder... Read more via Overland Forum

My wife, whose left hand is pictured, slipped off the rooftop tent ladder whilst refitting the mattress the day before we headed to Cameroon.  The Nigerian doctor did a good job of stitching her wound but it was a nervous hour as I patiently waited in his office.  Adding to the tension were before and after photos of all the doctors patients and his awesome surgery he performed....  gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

A posting by a South African called Johan van Heerden on his recent trip to Mozambique had an interesting story on another rooftop tent fall...  One paragraph stands out:

What stands out for me about this whole episode is that since entering the hospital and his short walk to freedom, not a document was filled in and no payment was asked for anything. Life is a strange journey. We come across different types of people. Sometimes they are good or bad to us, however it does not mean that we must stop trusting people, or stop, or refuse help, when we, or other people, need help. Kindness is not a simple word, the meaning of the word can’t be taught to anybody, it can only be practiced. In a way the doctor from North Korea and the doctor from Havana taught me a little bit of kindness and being unselfish.
Johan wrote the article for the MozGuide website and titled his post: Beautiful Mozambique

If an accident does occur whilst on your overland trip, be prepared to have your medical kit handy and ask the local village or town where the nearest doctor is.  Consider going on a basic medical course prior to departing for your adventure.  Safe travels and watch out for your rooftop tent ladder...

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