Thursday, November 10, 2011

A must read: Into Africa by Martin Dugard

"Dr Livingstone, I presume?"
Preparing for your overland trip takes on many forms... vehicle preparation, visa research, talking to other overlanders and of course, reading.

Personally, I spent hours reading overland guides, country travel guides, overland travel stories and the history of Africa.  Here is one recommendation that every overlander should read:

Into Africa by Martin Dugard is the epic adventures of Livingstone and Stanley.  The author writes in a gripping way that keeps you entranced about the lives of these two legionary explorers.

I was prompted to reread 'Into Africa' after the 1871 (140 years ago) diary of David Livingstone was republished.  This unique work used impressive technology to decrypt his writing due to faded ink and bad handwriting.   Read more on the UCLA website: Livingstone's 1971 Field Diary

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